Nov 25 2015

Being Thankful, Not Just in November

Thankful-PrintableThis time of year we all start the process of thinking of what we are thankful for. Why do we only focus on this one time a year? It shouldn’t be 30 days of thanks. It should be a lifetime of thanks. Times get tough, believe me I know.

The past few months have been the hardest I have dealt with in a long long time, but I discovered something! I have the most wonderful family and friends out there. They have taught me more about myself and the person I am.

Even when times seem to be the worst, there is something there to be thankful for. After 17 years with a company that I thought I would retire from, the unexpected happened. I got laid off. Not only did I get laid off, after 19 years with the same company my hubby did too. We were wrecked, sad and angry.

That’s when it happened, things just came together. We had support from friends that are family. We couldn’t have asked for more through this time. Becky and Eric Paulk may not be my blood, but they will always be my family. They taught us what relying on someone else is like. You have to understand, we just didn’t do that, but we needed to. We will forever be grateful and thankful for them.

Things are much better now. Rob starts back at Walmart on Monday and gets to keep his tenure and everything. I started my own business, Grippi Business Solutions. And I wouldn’t change the last 45 days for anything.

So, THANK YOU Becky and Eric. You have done more for us than you will ever know or we could express.

Be thankful for what you have, what you have lost, and what could be. There is a reason, you just need to be open to see it.

That’s it for this time, take care and be safe out there my friends!


Nov 05 2015

Fall, Magic and Family

fallThe past month has been a whirl wind of emotions. Sad, anxious, happy, relieved, stressed, angry, scared…. I could go on. I strongly believe things happen for a reason, and I may have figured the reason out. I’m not ready to share it quite yet, but I think there is magic about to happen in our lives. Sometimes a different perspective is all you need to unlock potential you didn’t know you have.

This is my favorite time of year, fall. It’s the end of one cycle, but there is beauty and peacefulness that comes with it. Some times change is hard, but it leads you to new life and new beginnings. So here’s to new adventures and being okay with that.

Just a little family update… Kid brought home straight A’s on his report. I am so proud. He worked hard and was proud of himself also. He is growing into a quite the young man. Trust me, he has his days when the pre-teen comes out, but he has been so great through this rough time. Not sure how we got so lucky with a great kid, but I think we will keep him.  😉

Until next time, take care and be safe out there my friends.

Oct 28 2015

When the Internet Gods Speak, You Listen!

writing_dtHere I am looking for inspiration for another post, what do I do? Troll the internet…. yep… It’s easy to procrastinate a day away on Pinterest. We have all done it. Don’t deny it. But then, there it was. This picture. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Doctor Who and that David Tennant is my favorite Doctor. I felt the universe yelling at me, telling me YOU SHOULD BE WRITING!!

Thank you internet gods for jolting me back to what I should be doing.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my journey is taking me to new places. I am using this time to figure out who I am and where I want to go. It’s still an emotional rollercoaster, especially with hubby and I both in the job hunt at the same time. At least we don’t seem to have lows on the same day.

This stop in my journey has me appreciating how important my family and friends are to me. They are a big part of who I am, and I can’t express how much they mean to me.

Being out in the job market is not what I thought it would be. It’s hard. I mean, I knew it would be hard, but wow. People say to me, you must be all caught up on Netflix, and binge watching… umm no, I’m not. I’m behind. (way behind, so don’t spoil any shows for me!) Most of my day is spent networking, job searching, internet job trolling. There are things I get to do that I couldn’t before. Go for a long walk on sunny afternoon, have lunch with my hubby, pick up little man early and get some extra snuggles. (got to get them while I can, he’s 10 now. Soon he won’t want them)

Thank you again internet gods, keep sending me signs to help on my journey. I don’t have a destination right now, and I am okay with that….. For now…. I think… 😉

Take care and be safe out there my friends!!


P.S. Piano Man by Billy Joel just came on the radio… Internet radio.. I am listening internet gods, I am listening.

Oct 20 2015

Break Ups are Hard to Do


It seems like I broke up with my blog. Well, I am coming back to you blog, I have missed you and I hope you welcome me with open arms. I forgot how much you meant to me. You complete me…… and, I’m sorry.

Seems all sorts of relationships have been on my mind lately. Before anyone panics, my hubby and I are just fine!

The last few weeks I have been dealing with the end of a different type of relationship. A 17 year one. It ended on a positive note. The old you know, “it’s me not you” line. At first I was devastated. You are all I’ve known for 17 years, how could I go on without you? I am safe here in your world. We were going to be together forever. What happened?

Next comes anger. How could you? You want to yell at them, but you know it does no one any good. You are better than that, but boy would it feel good to. Then sadness is up, what do I do? My heart hurts. How do I tell others why we aren’t together any more? I hate the corporate line……. it seems so impersonal. I miss the people that were there every day. They were part of us, you know.

As of now the sadness is still there along with a little panic now, but there is something else too. HOPE. EXCITEMENT. A NEW BEGINNING. I have a chance to do something new. People are telling me there is life after. Now I am out searching for that new life to see what it brings. This is my journey, right? Who knows where it will go. Every end is a new beginning.

I am making a commitment to you blog. I will not stay away so long again. I just ask that you be patient with me and let me go through the steps of a long term relationship ending. The separation papers come next. I will need you. I am not sure I have a right to ask, but will you be there for me? (I paid the web-hosting bill, so I think yes :) )

Thank you all my friends for being there for me. I am so lucky to have you all in my life.

Be safe out there all!, until next time!

Jun 10 2014

Rainy Outside, Drought Inside


It’s another rainy day here in Northwest Arkansas. Seems like this spring has been very very wet. I think that is a good thing. My yard is thick, green and growing very fast. Good thing the hubby does the lawn work.

Now I just wish my creative juices were as vibrant. I am having one of those blogger droughts where I just can’t seem to get the inspiration to write. It has been quite some time since I have actually written anything real. I even tried writing a few articles for work and I am just off. Don’t know why. Ever have one of those droughts? How do you inspire yourself to put thoughts into words? Writing is normally my outlet, my stress release, fun time. Now it seems to be causing stress and not relieving it.

I guess it’s time to get out a good book and read. Sometimes a well written story is just what I need to escape. What book are you reading now and any suggestions?

Take care my friends and be safe out there!


P.S. I finished the 24 Day Advocare challenge. It went well, I stuck to it to, let’s say 98% of the time. I did loose 5 pounds and I feel great. It was a good detox and I must say I really like the Spark energy drink. I will keep on taking those. I seem to have more energy and focus better with it.

May 17 2014

24 Day Challenge – Days Four, Five and Six

This is where it starts to get tough. I go in all gung ho and like yeah, I’m gonna do this, and then BOOM!! The honeymoon is over. It starts to fizzle, but I am sticking with this. It’s still the cleanse phase and all is well.

I have stuck to the healthier eating part and have not cheated. I will have to say though, today is one of those days where a nice cold beer would taste so good. I shall stay strong. I am surprised that I haven’t had any caffeine headaches without soda. Maybe the Spark is helping with that.

We went out to eat last night and I was surprised how quickly I was full. Normally that is the hardest part about going out, over eating. I ordered smart, and only ate maybe half of what I ordered. Maybe I have shrunk my belly already. Hubby is supporting me by eating the same as me. No soda, no beer, no sweets.

I have not stepped on the scale or measured yet. I am going to wait until the first 10 days are over. To be honest I am hesitant to step on the scale. My biggest fear is, what if I haven’t lost anything? It’s then that I start to feel discouraged and want to give up. Maybe I will wait until the end of the 24 days. We will see.

Well off to finish the day and get some things done.

Take care my friends and be safe out there.

May 14 2014

Day Three

Found out that the fiber drink is for only six days and not ten. YEAH!!! You take it for three days, break for three days, and then the final three days. Cha-ching.

Starting to get the hunger cravings today. Just need the will power to push through. The Spark drinks really do give you energy and help you focus. I will continue to take them after the 24-day challenge.

Breakfast – scrambled egg whites and pineapple. Lunch – Lean Cuisine pot stickers. Yummy. 3 p.m. snack – hard boiled egg. Dinner – tuna salad sandwich.

I am excited to be on this journey, and I hope it doesn’t end. Being healthy is the end goal here, not weight loss.


Take care my friends and be safe out there.

May 13 2014

Day Two – Check

Okay, day two all good. The next few updates will be short and not that detailed. Just an outlet :)  I have to say that the fiber drink is the worst part of it. Thank goodness only eight more of them. If you just chug it quick, it goes better. I really like the Spark drinks, fruit punch and pink lemonade.

Breakfast was egg whites and a banana, lunch was a Weight Watchers Smart One chicken parm. I love those things, they are very yummy.

I seem to get hungry about 3 p.m. Got to figure out a healthy filling snack, any suggestions? I am drinking lots of water and the trips to the bathroom seem to have slowed down today.

Dinner will be a turkey sandwich, some rice and applesauce.


Take care my friends and be safe out there.

May 12 2014

24 Day Advocare Challenge – Day One

So today I start a diet. I know, I have tried so many, but I have high hopes for this one. So let’s talk about what this is. It’s a 24 Day Challenge kit from Advocare. Yes, you have to buy from a distributor and some may be pushy. I am lucky I have a family member that is a distributor. He has been very honest with me and I will be the same with you. Each day I am going to log what I have eaten, supplements taken and I will be honest. No hiding here. I am putting it out there.  I will also log activity, pretty much whatever my Fitbit says. My average steps are around 8000 a day.

The first 10 days is a cleanse (yikes) and then comes the max phase.


6:30 a.m. – First up this morning, 30 minutes before breakfast, was a Spark drink. Mix the packet with 8-oz. of water. I had fruit punch flavor. I was very surprised. It was yummy.

7:10 a.m. – Fiber drink, mix packet with 8-oz. water. You have this with your breakfast. Okay, here comes the honest, that was not the best. The taste wasn’t that bad, (citrus) it was the texture. I mean it is a fiber drink, what do you expect. They say it’s gentle on the insides and not harsh, we shall see.  Also had some scrambled egg whites with ketchup.


10:45 – Spark 30 minutes prior, pink lemonade flavor, still impressed. It’s like juice.

11:15 a.m. – Brought my lunch with me to work today. This is a big step for me. I made some tuna salad with greek non-fat yogurt and added a little bit of dijon mustard and onions. Used a whole grain 80 calorie bun. Not bad. I can eat that again. Had one cup of snap peas also. Seemed to fill me up.

I have been utilizing the restroom a little more, drinking so much water my bladder keeps crying. This is good flushing the system. :)


5:15 p.m. – OmegaPlex

5:30 p.m. – Grilled chicken wrapped in a low carb 6″ tortilla with lettuce and banana peppers.


Okay, it’s not bedtime yet, but I will take the herbal cleanse pills before bed.


Day one complete. 23 more to go!!


Take care my friends and be safe out there!


Day One Measurements:

Weight – 188
Neck – 14.3
Bust – 45
Bicep – 16
Waist – 43
Hips – 49
Thigh 27

Mar 30 2014

Time to Ponder


Well I am about 3 weeks into my new job. I forgot how adjusting to a new role can be difficult. Coming from a role where I was the subject matter expert, to not knowing anything is tough. I am still learning my contacts, and who my clients are. Add in the fact that I had my eval last week and it doesn’t get any better.

I really thought my annual eval would of been good this year. We were short a Sr. Director, Director and two Sr. Managers. I thought I had stepped up and took a leadership role and was filling gaps, but I guess that was not the case. I can tell you things I am proud of this past year, I saw 4 people that I supervised be promoted into areas of the company they had been looking to go. I got to hire a whole new complete team and train them from the ground up. And I got to hire two amazing individuals for the team I was covering.

I have always gauged my success off of the team I support. If my direct reports are successful, then so am I. Unfortunately the leadership that I was supporting does not see it this way. They see the stress of the team being short handed by 4 people, the frustrations of a client who did not want to adjust to a changing communication team and changing expectations. Leadership placed these changing expectations upon us and we delivered, but at the cost of the relationships with clients. This was not my choice, but the path I was told to follow, and that is held against me.

I am very glad to be working in a new organization and hoping to be able to reclaim some of the successes I have had in the past. I strongly believe that you should never be surprised in an evaluation, and I will never let one of my associates be.

I will learn from this and move on, but boy I have to say that a not so good evaluation really sucks. Sigh…. Deep breathe and move on.

Take care and be safe our there my friends.

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